Walking and cycling through St Denys feels like entering a smog zone.

Cars and lorries idling their engines as they queue through the main road to get over Cobden Bridge.

We can’t see the pollution as was the case in the 1950s in London but my nose runs continuously when outside in the city.

Last summer we had a few days holiday in France and my nose stopped running. It was delightful! What effects are other people experiencing?

One friend told me she has stopped walking up to Portswood as the exhaust fumes are so toxic.

Our pavements are empty, our roads are jammed from early to late.

We are all part of the problem but we are also part of the solution.

Come on Southampton City Council take the lead on this and help us to clean up our city, for our health and for our children and grandchildren.

Let’s Go Green, let’s have a great life.

Katherine Barbour

Green Party Candidate for Portswood Ward