HAMPSHIRE'S biggest music festival is planning to plant an ambitious one million trees in 2020.

Organisers are hoping to meet the target with charity partner TreeSisters, a grassroots movement that supports tropical reforestation and the empowerment of women.

This follows the success of the 2019 campaign that saw Boomtown and TreesSisters plant 71,725 trees.

Co-founder of the festival, Lak Mitchell, said: "As an organisation, we have grown exponentially and with an audience of over 66,0000 people, we want to inspire individuals to work together to create positive social and environmental change.

"We believe that reforestation is the most effective action we can take to tackle the climate and ecological crisis and we’re asking our community of passionate people from all over the world, to come together to help save our planet - and have fun whilst we’re doing it."

In 2019, 43 per cent of the waste produced at Boomtown was recycled, assisted by an on-site waste recovery facility.

The campsite/tent abandonment rate was reduced to 20 per cent (from 40 per cent in 2018).

The sale of plastic bottles was prohibited preventing 225,000 plastic bottles from being sold

A reduction of 3.9 tonnes of plastic waste was achieved (compared with the 2018 festival) and 1.32 tonnes of surplus food was distributed to local causes.

Fuel usage for power generation was reduced by 21 per cent.