RESIDENTS are calling for action as a lorry crashed into a Romsey bridge once again, taking the tally up to 23 times in 16 years.

A Scania lorry crashed into the bridge and footpath of Greatbridge Road, Romsey at 8pm on Tuesday, February 18.

The crash is the latest incident in a long line of incidents at the bridge, with the most recent happening two months ago.

An Avery recovery vehicle rushed to the scene, along with four fire crews and police - the road was closed for a number of hours.

A 50-year-old man was rescued from the vehicle by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Now, residents are hitting out at drivers and demanding they know the height of their vehicles.

Andrew Porter, who lives next to the bridge, said the thud was the "worst one" they have heard, and they thought a "train had derailed".

Peter Marston, a resident of Romsey said the answer is for drivers to know the height of their vehicles.

Abbey Ward councillor, John Critchley, said: "This is happening far too often.

"The cost and disruption each time must be considered and there is always a concern that one day there will be real damage to the bridge, or even worse, serious injury or loss of life.

"The County Council must take this matter seriously and try to prevent these accidents by improving the over-height warnings."

Romsey Tadburn Councillor, Mark Cooper has been pressing for action to prevent over-height lorries reaching the bridge for years.

He said: "The time for complacency is over. People in Romsey are fed up with the frequency of these accidents at Greatbridge.

"We need action from the County Council."

Daily Echo:

A HFRS spokesperson said: "Appliances from Romsey, Redbridge, Totton, and Eastleigh were requested as a lorry carrying empty ISO containers that had collided with a rail bridge, was on its side, and a 50-year-old male was medically trapped.

"A USAR Advisor, Environmental Agency Officer, and police were requested to attend.

"The male was released from the vehicle and assessed by SCAS."

A police spokesperson said: "We were called at 8.03pm on Tuesday 18 February to the railway bridge on Greatbridge Road, Romsey, following a Scania goods vehicle colliding with the railway bridge.

"A man was successfully extracted from the vehicle by HFRS, no injuries were reported.

"No arrests were made."