Having just experienced yet again complete mayhem at the toll booths on the Itchen Bridge when two of the three lanes available became blocked by confused motorists not expecting to be faced with the inability to pay by credit/debit card I would be interested to learn who actually thought this to be remotely anywhere near a good idea?

This is of course coupled with the fact that the machines do not give change and I have seen reference before to people regularly rounding up and using pound coins.

There are also no signs at an appropriate distance beforehand on the Woolston side, nor any at all I believe on Central Bridge side stating the amount of toll.

Large lorries approaching the booths leads locals to head for another queue knowing full well the likely problem which lies ahead for the lorry driver.

Another factor clearly overlooked or just ignored is just how stressful and upsetting it can be for the motorist at the head of the queue faced with an inability to pay by coinage and knowing there is a steady back up of frustrated people behind, many growing increasingly impatient.

The situation is hardly helped by the very slow response when pressing the assistance button.

As a local resident pass carrier I have on occasions stepped forwards to use this to aid individuals stuck at the barrier and the whole toll process needs urgent review.

It is simply not fit for purpose and completely out dated.

In fact it can prove an unwanted catalyst to road rage incidents.

John Elderkin