I hope Echo readers will sign Councillor Sarah Bogle and Councillor Dave Shields online petition to save Solent Flour Mills. Associated British Ports is looking to demolish the building, which has long been a part of Southampton’s history and skyline.

Too much of Southampton’s past has been destroyed by town planners, greed, and the Luftwaffe. It’s time to protect what we have, and say NO to further cultural vandalism. ABP should call off the bulldozers, and instead make Solent Flour Mills a celebration of the port and our city.

Southampton has an immense history. We could copy Gateshead and turn this iconic building into a centre for our arts and heritage. Solent Flour Mills could tell the story of our city’s contribution to making Britain great.

Tweet and post on Facebook and spread the word. Sign the petition on change.org, and get behind Sarah and Dave’s campaign.

Jon Walters

Hawkeswood Road, Southampton