Southampton has been forging links with Cherbourg as far back as 1913.

More than 90 years ago the then mayor of Southampton, Henry Bowyer, invited his opposite number from Normandy to visit the city following a civic reception which was held in the French port a year earlier.

This photograph from the Daily Echo archive shows the party of dignitaries unfurling flags on Southampton Common.

Daily Echo:

The programme for September 11, 1913 included visits to the Hartley College, forerunner of today’s university, demonstrations by the fire brigade, pageantry involving 7,000 local youngsters, a civic lunch and an enthusiastic send-off for the ship, St Louis taking the French visitors homes.

Later Cherbourg’s local paper reported:“We have lived unforgettable hours.To the cries of “Vive Cherbourg!’’and “Vive La France’’,“Vive L’Entente Cordiale’’the citizens of Southampton welcomes the delegates of Cherbourg.

“Thousands of children in wonderful order have given us the most touching of sights.The remarkable children’s demonstration will leave us a lasting remembrance.’’