MORE THAN 160,000 trees are soon to be planted as part of Eastleigh's largest ever tree planting scheme, civic chiefs have confirmed.

Later this year, Eastleigh Borough Council is embarking on the scheme, with the aim of planting one tree for every resident living in the borough in a bid to respond to the "Climate and Environmental Emergency".

Once launched, the scheme will provide the opportunity to plant a variety of native tree species that will help to improve the biodiversity and ecology of the Borough and this will be designed to create new wildlife corridors with a particular focus on species including those that flower and provide berries throughout the year and at the same time the trees will be locking in carbon dioxide.

Council Leader Keith House said: “This is the largest tree planting scheme ever in the borough as we plan on planting 160,000 more trees, one tree for every Borough resident, by 2030. It’s a great opportunity for the Council and our communities to plant trees for the benefit of wildlife, our Borough and future generations. All our schemes will be designed to prioritise planting to support and enhance wildlife corridors and biodiversity.”

The trees are all proposed to be planted across a 10 year period, leading up to 2030, and alongside this, the council aims to introduce enhanced rules for developers designed to ensure any development leads to a net gain in trees.

Members of the council will be working with residents, local groups and businesses to identify areas that can be planted, including open spaces and the urban environment.

Soon, residents can sponsor or plant a tree for themselves in open spaces across the borough and businesses can plant a tree for each of their employees.

The exact date that this scheme will begin is currently unconfirmed but it is set to take place later this year.