In reply to green party member John Spottiswoode and Philip Griffiths of Romsey, (Echo Letters Feb 25) and their continued banging the same old drum about air pollution.

If what they both say is true, and not for one word do I believe their findings, especially the figures of 110 deaths and thousands more suffering from air pollution in Southampton, this is sheer poppycock.

I live in the city centre and I have not seen evidence or heard anybody complain on the same grounds as John and Philip about air pollution. This is pure eco project fear.

If the air pollution is so dire, why is it that I can walk through the city centre and the parks, and still find hundreds if not thousands of birds squawking all around, from large to the very small pied-wagtails, surely their little lungs would never be able to cope with the project fear of air pollution.

More to the point, there are more pollutants used in home, far more than you can breath on the outside, and far more than can be printed in this letter.

If everybody was honest about this situation and agree with what I have mentioned, let us all push for a full investigation into home pollutants.

If that investigation was ever carried out, it would justify what I believe is the original source of pollution and the true reason for all those deaths.

David J Hacking

Archers Road. Southampton