THERE is "no timescale for repair" after the Salisbury railway landslip, according to Network Rail Wessex.

Commuters were warned that they could face two months of travel disruption after a landslide blocked a railway line between Romsey and Salisbury on Tuesday February 18.

The incident meant that the railway needs "substantial repair work" and this is expected to take up to two months to fix.

Now, rail chiefs are saying there is "no timescale for repair at present", but have ensured residents that they are doing everything they can.

A spokesperson on the Network Rail Wessex twitter account said: "We apologise to those affected by the landslip that has closed the line between Salisbury and Dean. Our geotechnical team are on site analysing and planning the repair. Unfortunately, the field next to the site remains flooded.

"This is preventing us accessing the site with heavy machinery. We have no timescales for repair at present, but are doing everything we can to get the line reopened to passenger trains as quickly as possible. We will share any updates as soon as they are available."

As previously reported, replacement busses have been arranged, running between Romsey and Southampton, calling at Chandler's Ford and Eastleigh, as well as between Salisbury and Southampton, calling at Redbridge and Milbrook.