A SOUTHAMPTON takeaway restaurant has been slammed by a public health watchdog and given the worst hygiene rating possible.

The Golden Pond has received a zero out of five-star score following an inspection by environmental health chiefs.

This score means urgent improvements to hygiene standards are necessary at its Coxford Road premises.

Inspectors found there were no written and few practical steps in place to ensure foods were safe for human consumption or produced in a clean environment.

They found the only hand wash basin in the kitchen was full of gloves and could not be used and that there was no soap or hand drying towel.

Paint was flaking from the ceiling risking contamination food which was left out uncovered.

Meanwhile the floor needed a “thorough clean” and staff were not wearing appropriate clothing.

Inspectors from the environmental health partnership of Southampton City Council undertook the visit on January 17.

The Chinese restaurant holds a three-and-a-half out of five-star rating on Google reviews.

One contributor wrote: “Chow mien absolutely disgusting, made with what was like dirty water, vegetables really slimy. We’ve always bought from here but don’t think and have always been good.”

The inspectors urged the management of the Golden Pond to carry out a deep clean and gave a formal notice.

A council spokesperson said: “A business which is given a zero rating must make urgent improvements to hygiene standards.

"The environmental health officer has several options available as well as giving advice and guidance to make sure these improvements are made.

"The officer served the operator of the Golden Pond with a hygiene improvement notice, and will revisit the premises to ensure that improvements are made to comply with the law.”

The Daily Echo has attempted to contact Golden Pond for comment.