IT IS a memorable moment when one attends their prom to mark the end of their time at school.

And with the special occasion usually comes a smart suit or impressive ball gown that the student will keep forever.

But this year, a Southampton woman has given away her prom dress, which she bought for £500, to a pupil who could not afford to buy her own.

Psychology student Ella Mackenzie-Sly said she sees "a lot of people who cannot afford it".

She said: "It's a luxury item and I see a lot of people who cannot afford it.

"I spent £500 on my dress and looking back, it would be better to go to someone who needs it. It's been sitting in my room in perfect condition."

Ella posted pictures of her dress on a community Facebook page and had over 60 comments from people praising her for her generosity.

The post wrote: "Gorgeous prom dress only worn once for a few hours and will sadly never be worn again.

"I’d love for someone else who wouldn’t be able to afford a prom dress this year to wear mine as I know how difficult it can be for some families and everyone deserves to go to their prom."

Shortly after, Ella was messaged by a staff member from a Southampton school who knew a pupil that could not afford to attend their prom.

Ella said: "I was messaged by someone who is head of safeguarding at a school in Southampton and she arranged to pick it up to give it to a girl who can't afford it. The lady is also paying for the girl's transport."

The 18-year-old attended Wildern Primary School prom almost three years ago and is now in her first year at Portsmouth University.

Ella, from Hedge End, is also giving away her clutch bag for the same girl to borrow at her prom.

She said: "I know a lot of people trying to sell their dresses and it's not worth getting £50 or £60 for it when someone couldn't even afford that."