Residents have hit out at a group of travellers who are blocking a walkway in Southampton.

The group, which has three caravans, parked up on the walkway by Nightingale Court, Aldermoor Road.

Now residents have revealed they feel "intimated" by the travellers and are concerned for people living in Nightingale Court, who can no longer park by their flats.

Nikki Lacey, who lives in Conifer Road, said: "I want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

"I went to do the school run for my son yesterday at 3pm and I noticed they were there.

"A lot of people use that walkway to get to Sainsbury's in Lordshill and I am not frightened of them, but I am sure it is quite scary for some people.

"There is a car park for people living in Nightingale Court and now they can't get in or out of there."

Another resident, who lives in Lordshill, said: "When you go on walks through there you feel intimidated by them.

"Wherever travellers go they leave lots of rubbish behind and it is disgraceful; you don't know if your dog is going to choke on some of their rubbish as well."

A spokesperson from Hampshire police said: "We are aware of a travellers encampment off Aldermoor Road, Southampton, and we will work with the landowner to seek a suitable resolution."

Southampton City Council has been contacted for comment.