ROMSEY residents have slammed plans to transform a closed pub into a “high-quality restaurant” with over ten bed and breakfast rooms.

The planning application, submitted to Test Valley Borough Council by Alfi Blue Limited, would add 12 bed and breakfast rooms to the rear of the Dukes Head, Greatbridge Road, as part of an extension.

Now residents fear there will be more noisy cars travelling to the bed and breakfast, which would offer 50 car parking spaces for guests.

They also worry the plans will cause the area to become overdeveloped.

Nicola Nixon, who lives in Greatbridge Road, said: "I am a neighbour directly impacted by this proposal.

"The proposals amount to overdevelopment, the change of business will increase noise levels; the increase in car parking spaces will also increase noise with car engines and doors banging.

"As a public house, I could expect noise to cease at around 11pm. With a hotel this will be constant."

Christopher Saunders-Davies, who lives in Greatbridge Road, said: "The access is unsatisfactory being on the inside corner of a major (A) road.

"The proposal constitutes overdevelopment in that the plan constitutes an increase in the floor area of 277 percent."

He added: "The application states that drainage will be via main drainage.

"No main drainage exists in the area and the ability to absorb the increased drainage load via soakaway within the area is questionable. "The soakaway would be directly into the water table close to the River Test."

However, Cllr Nick Adams-King, who represents Blackwater on the borough council, threw his support behind the application.

He said: "I completely understand why people might be worried, but the application is aiming at the fishermen market and they are not aiming at people who will be partying all night.

"The issue of access to that pub has always been a tricky one; it has a tight corner, but it is what it is and I would rather we put a pub back into use that will create jobs for the local area.

"I am sure that the traffic will be taken into account as well."

As previously reported in the Romsey Advertiser, Cllr Dorothy Baverstock, who represents Romsey Cupernham on the borough council, said she was " in favour of anything that creates more beds for visitors to Romsey".

A spokesperson from Alfi Blue Limited said: “The pub is in dire need of significant investment if this historic and important community asset is to be retained.

“The intention is to refurbish and renovate the existing building to make it an attractive location for customers to visit."