THE Daily Echo shifts March 1970 back into focus with a look at pictures taken at that time.

It was the era when almost every group of people were attending dinners. Included in among them are the Lions Club, quantity surveyors, Eastleigh Operatic Society, electrical engineers and grocers.

Netball looked to be a popular sport at the time with pictures from a schools tournament as well as a snap of the Wimpson Lane team.

While the events in these pictures were taking place, this is was what was happening further afield:

March 6

Following an outbreak of rabies in Newmarket, Suffolk, the importation of pets was banned.

March 17

Martin Peters, England 1966 World Cup final goal scorer, became the nation's first £200,000 footballer when he signed for Tottenham Hotspur from West Ham United.

March 23

A total of nearly £370,000 in compensation was awarded to eighteen victims of thalidomide.