I HAVE watched with amazement the hate campaign against Priti Patel from the media and letters from individuals. What happened to the saying "innocent until proved guilty"?

Some of the evidence does not add up, and as we go on each day more people come forward, as in the me too brigade.

I am not saying in any situation people are right or not. What I am saying is that people come up with complaints but none show concrete evidence.

How many are left complaining when legalities are involved? Why did these people not make complaints before?

What I will say in Priti Patel's defence is that she is the only person to question the big boys and be brave enough to tackle the biggest wish of the electorate and sort out immigration.

Yes, there are many who are against this, but far more for it. Why did the Conservatives win?

I have looked at the papers and certain aspects of Sir Philip Rutman's complaints and from media reports I understand he has many failures to his name.

My answer to you sir is "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

How come the BBC are going to take up the case? What happened to impartiality?

Roll on the day when public money and the licence fee is abolished I know of many poor souls – young and old – who will benefit from the money saved.

Thank goodness for the journalists who keep on going until they find the truth and let the people know what is going on.

I would also like to add that John Reid said the home office is not fit for purpose

He should know as he was a former home secretary.

Priti Patel has hit on the truth of the home office – good on her.

I would go as far to say we should revamp the home office so it is fit for purpose.

While the country is questioning the running of the UK, get rid office the House of Lords and bring in a second house elected by the people.

Christine Cassell