IF THE Labour Party has any chance of forming a government in the next ten years, it must elect Lisa Nandy as its new leader.

Oh dear; she has a personality and a backbone. This morning on Good Morning Britain she went the full 12 rounds with Piers Morgan and came out unscathed. A true Wigan Warrior.

Bumbling Boris should not be a problem.

It appears at the moment that she is behind, but why?

As opponents she has Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey, neither of whom can be winners outside of their own party.

I am struggling to find anything that Keir has achieved of note politically and Rebecca is just Jeremy Corbyn in a skirt.

Come on on Labour party members – wake up and smell the coffee and elect Lisa Nandy.

Competition for Boris and Dominic Cummings is desperately needed.

Bob Davies