A DRUG driver who was caught with no licence or insurance has been jailed after a string of offences.

Luke John Henning stole items from Co-op to the value of £11.60 on May 22 last year.

On September 8, he stole six packets of Cathedral City cheddar cheese and six packets of Pilgrims Choice extra mature cheddar from a Sainsburys store in Southampton.

The 39 year old was then caught drug driving on Bevois Valley Road on January 23.

He was caught with benzoylecgonine - a breakdown compound of cocaine - in his system as well as no licence or insurance.

On February 11, he failed to surrender to court.

Appearing at Southampton Magistrates' Court on February 24, he pleaded guilty to two accounts of theft, one account of drug driving, one account of driving without a licence, one account of driving without insurance and one account of failing to surrender to court.

Henning, of Hartington Road, St Marys, Southampton, was committed to prison for 12 weeks and disqualified from driving for 42 days.