Official figures show that 13 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Hampshire.

Public Health England figures show that 13 people had been confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19 by 9am on Wednesday morning in Hampshire, up from 10 the same time the day before.

They were among the 60 cases recorded across the South East, a figure which rose by nine over the 24-hour period.

A patient at Oakridge Care Home in Basingstoke was taken ill with coronavirus yesterday.

Across the UK, 456 people had tested positive for coronavirus as of 9am on Wednesday, up from 373 at the same point on Tuesday, Department of Health figures show.

This is the largest day-on-day jump in cases, with the number more than doubling in just four days. In total, 27,476 people had been tested, and six patients had died.

Earlier today, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, set out plans for the health service in his Budget, and pledged security and support for those who are sick and unable to work due to the spread of Covid-19.

Mr Sunak said: “Whatever extra resources our NHS needs to cope with coronavirus it will get… Whether it’s millions of pounds or billions of pounds, whatever it needs, whatever it costs, we stand behind our NHS.”

He offered support to any workers who become too ill to work, with new measures including the ability to obtain a sick note by contacting 111 rather than having to visit a GP.

And he said those working in the gig economy or who are self-employed will get quicker and easier access to benefits.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 may lead to a delay in the next round of trade talks between the UK and EU, Michael Gove has indicated.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster made the comments as he insisted the UK could be able to secure separate trade deals with the EU and US by the end of the year.

Asked about whether the coronavirus could impact on upcoming negotiations, Mr Gove told the Commons Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union: “It’s a live question.

“We were looking forward to the next stage of the negotiations going ahead.

“But we have had indications today from Belgium that there may be a specific public health concern.”

The second round of trade talks between the UK and EU are due to take part in London next week.

In other impacts of the coronavirus, Manchester City’s Premier League clash with Arsenal has been postponed as a “precautionary measure” over coronavirus fears. It is the first Premier League to be postponed as a result of the virus.

Nottingham Forest and Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis, who announced on Tuesday that he had contracted the virus, met Arsenal staff and players during the February 27 Europa League tie at the Emirates Stadium.