HOW grossly unfair of Phillip Woodmore (Echo, March 11) to suggest that people over 70, of which I am one, should be advised to isolate, presumably whether showing symptoms or not!

Many people of this age spend a lot of time indoors anyway particularly in the evenings.

Does he not feel more threatened by younger people who are more likely to frequent bars, clubs, gyms and other places where large numbers of people congregate?

Additionally most people over 70 are retired so do not have a workplace to go and infect.

And what emotive language in his last paragraph, "condemned to the slaughter house to die" perhaps after the pigs and the chickens!

I spent 5 hours at the golf course this morning breathing in lots of lovely fresh air.

Plenty of hand sanitisers and soap and hot water in the clubhouse...I know where I would feel safer!

Ed Fisher

Woolston, Southampton