LOGANAIR, who planned to pick up routes from Flybe at Southampton Airport, have announced that they have "cancelled some flights".

The airline revealed there would be a "a reduction in the number of flights" since last week's announcement due to the impact of Coronavirus on customer demand.

Some flights that they had planned to take over have been cancelled, but the effect on Southampton Airport has been kept to an "absolute minimum".

A Loganair spokesperson said: “The routes we planned to pick up from Flybe are all still on sale, however across these routes we have reviewed demand since last week’s announcement due to the impact of the coronavirus on customer confidence.

“In most cases the result of this will be simply a time change on the day of departure or a movement to the day before or after. We have cancelled some flights, but with the effect on Southampton kept to an absolute minimum.

“This is a highly fluid situation and we will continue to monitor the effect of the virus on our passenger sales.”

A spokesperson from Southampton Airport believes these are "very tough times for all within the airline and aviation industry", but that the airport is looking forward to working with Loganair.

They said: "We are looking forward to starting our services with Loganair greatly and cannot wait to welcome them here. As is very evident from the news – these are very tough times for all within the airline and aviation industry.

"Our advice is to follow Public Health England guidance on travel, and be reassured that once the virus has run its course, Southampton Airport will be restoring its services as we continue to build our route network to meet the demand of our passengers.”