A TEST Valley councillor has slammed plans for a new McDonald's drive-through on the M27.

An application was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to build the fast-food restaurant in the Rownhams East Motorway Service Area, which would create 20 new jobs.

Now Celia Dowden, who represents North Baddesley on the borough council, has condemned the plans, claiming more litter will be tossed from cars while more drivers will be tempted into an unhealthy lifestyle.

She said: "I can speak from our experience of having a McDonald's placed inside the Asda in Chandler's Ford and there is already a difference in the amount of litter I have seen, which is obviously from McDonald's.

"More litter could be thrown along the edge of the motorway and onto the side of roads."

She added: "We are definitely getting more and more of these fast-food outlets and this affects the health of the younger generations, as it is something they feel they have to have.

"It concerns me we are having more of these made available, which encourages poor health choices and regular snacking.

"It is convenient and they just want to make a profit, so I think we should look at the value of having that kind of outlet there when there is already a Roadchef."

She said: "It is about public demand and the government should think about how many of these fast-food places do they want?"

However, cllr Nick Adams-King, who represents Blackwater on the borough council, supported the application.

He said: "Anything that improves employment for people is a good thing, but also it makes sense as they already have a drive-through Costa there and when people are driving on the motorway they want convenience.

"It is part of an established site and those two service stations are in need of a refurbishment, because I think they have been there for sometime and it is a good thing they are investing in them to upgrade them."

Mr Adams-King stressed the new drive-through should not encourage motorists to keep driving "when they are tired".

The applicant, Roadchef Motorways Limited, and McDonald's have been contacted for comment.

TVBC are due to decide on the application on Friday, April 24.