A MAN who broke into a Southampton home wielding a samurai sword and knife has been jailed for 10-years.

Donald John Haisman was part of a gang which forced its way into a property on Tatwin Crescent.

The 22-year-old raided the home while its owner was away on holiday.

Haisman of no fixed address was armed with a knife and a Samurai sword and searched the address for items to steal during the incident which happened on September 17 last year just after 5am.

Items, including jewellery and watches, were stolen.

A neighbour called the police and officers arrested Haisman and another in the property, in which a hunting knife was also found.

Haisman has now been jailed for 10-years for aggravated burglary following a trial at Southampton Crown Court.

Police were able to link Haisman to the crime after they found his DNA on a Samurai sword that had been stashed in the airing cupboard in the house.

On Wednesday, a judge at Southampton Crown Court handed Haisman a 10-year prison sentence.

During sentencing, the judge took into account that his crime was aggravated by bringing weapons to the address and that he acted with others in a "gang".

Jack Daniel Cove, of Kingsclere Avenue, was jailed earlier this year after he pleaded guilty for the part he played in the same crime.

As previously reported by the Daily Echo, 22-year-old Cove was involved in another incident where he kicked his way into a home in Adelaide Road, St Denys, on March 21 last year.

He was sentenced to nine years in prison after also pleading guilty to holding a knife to a man’s throat during the aggravated burglary.

Cove was also involved in a raid on Saints star Danny Ings’ home in the Botley area. Along with two others and armed knives and a barbecue skewer, they broke in and stole electronic goods.

They also stole a van from the driveway of the four-bedroom property.