HUNDREDS of British passengers who were stranded on a Caribbean cruise over coronavirus fears have returned to the UK.

Sailing aboard the MS Braemar they have been airlifted from Cuba.

Fred Olsen which operates the cruise ship has reported that four flights from Havana have now arrived back in the UK.

A final flight carrying all guests who had received a positive diagnosis for coronavirus, had displayed flu-like symptoms, and their companions, arrived at MoD Boscombe Down, in Wiltshire last Thursday.

Three other flights arrived at London Heathrow on charter from British Airways the same day.

The Daily Echo has asked Fred Olsen how many guests received a positive diagnosis and is awaiting comment.

The MS Braemar ship docked in Cuba last week where officials accepted the ship out of "humanitarian concerns".

It has been anchored off the Bahamas since last week after five people on the Fred Olsen operated ship tested positive for the deadly virus.

Another 16 passengers and 19 crew members had previously been in isolation after showing influenza-like symptoms, including a doctor.

Officials in the Bahamas previously refused to let the ship dock but offered supplies of food and medication.

Meanwhile, the Braemar arrived into the Port of Mariel, Havana on Tuesday morning.

The ship is now sailing back to the UK.

Managing Director of Fred Olsen Peter Deer, said: “Our fantastic crew have been instrumental in returning our guests safely to the UK. They have worked tirelessly to continue offering all on board the care and attention they deserved, under challenging circumstances. They have done an excellent job in keeping up morale and high standards in the face of adversity, and I extend my personal thanks to them all.

“They are now sailing Braemar back across the Atlantic to the UK, where the ship will join the rest of the fleet – Balmoral, Boudicca and Black Watch – while we pause our operations.

“We look forward to welcoming guests and crew back onboard our ships on May 23.”

Cuba had accepted the ship in a "shared effort to confront and stop the spread of the pandemic".

The Braemar had been turned away by Barbados and the Bahamas after four passengers and one crew member tested positive.