A PROLIFIC criminal has been jailed after snatching a stash of jewellery and digital cameras to feed his "gambling addiction".

Bradley Chapman, who has 31 previous convictions, smashed through a first-floor bathroom window at a home in Welbeck Road.

He rifled through the homeowner's belongings and drawers stealing a jewellery box, three digital cameras and an assortment of lenses.

In total, the items he stole to fund his gambling habit were valued at over £1,200.

Chapman had been out on licence for another burglary he when he drove by the house and spotted scaffolding outside which he clambered up to gain access.

The 33-year-old who already has five previous convictions for burglary left muddy footprints and even searched the attic while looking for personal items to steal.

Now Chapman has been jailed for three years after pleading guilty to one count of domestic burglary.

Southampton Crown Court heard how he committed the offence between November 13 and November 16 last year.

The prolific burglar was arrested on December 10, 2019, by PC Charlie Bucking after police found Chapman's blood smeared on a bedroom door handle at his victim's home.

During the trial on March 20, Judge Langley said the victim did not want her victim statement read out in court.

He added it was clear there was trauma caused and that Champan's victim had suffered nightmares and been left feeling anxious.

She has also been left worried about going on holiday in the future.

Chapman was sentenced to three years in prison and will serve at least half of this time.

No orders were made for him to pay court costs or compensation.

In mitigation, Ellie Fargin said Chapman was looking at getting help for his gambling issues and planned to go on courses while in prison.

Chapman had expressed remorse for the crime and in a letter to the judge said: "I do not like burglars, so I do not know how a judge would like me."