I AM currently in isolation as I suffer from four conditions identified as risk factors.

I also have severe depression and anxiety issues which frequently result in panic attacks.

I rarely, if ever, leave my home alone.

My daughter is my carer.

On Monday of last week I did my usual shopping on line to be delivered on Sunday last.

I received an email from the store on Saturday evening to say they were unable to fill my order and had therefore cancelled it.

As I am on benefits due to my health, I only shop for what I need and can afford.

So, as of Saturday, I had run out of almost everything.

I was even unable to feed my cats.

My daughter could not shop for me as she also is isolating at home as she suffers from asthma and is caring for her three children who are no longer at school.

So today she and I were forced to go to the local shop to get essentials such as milk, bread, cat food and a few ready meals to keep us going.

I was extremely anxious about doing so, but faced no other choice.

I cannot order my shopping too far in advance as I cannot predict what I am going to have available to pay for it.

The stores I have tried are booked up until mid April.

This is not helping my anxiety problems.

I am scared of what may lie ahead for me, and my daughter.

Can anyone give me some advice or solutions on how to cope with this?

There must be others in a similar situation.

Just what are we supposed to do?