FOR now, it's the great indoors.

Unable to get out in quite the same way, parents nationwide are having to dream up new ways of entertaining their children in the comfort of their own homes.

From crafts to online learning resources and from workouts to games, you’ll need a variety of tricks up your sleeve to keep everyone occupied.

Here's our top tips for indoor activities:

1) Make a den. This retro childhood favourite is making a comeback. Grab duvets, pillows, blankets and any other suitable prop and let your imagination run wild.

2) Arts and crafts. Pens, paper, feathers, buttons, stickers, paints, glitter or anything lying around the house. It all adds up to a wonderful creation for an imaginative youngster.

3) Write a letter. We're all missing family and friends. Pen them a lovely note to let them know you care or even make a new pen pal.

4) Bake a cake. This is the perfect time for any mini masterchefs to get cooking. Try something new, decorate cup cakes and don't forget to lick the bowl out.

5) Host a dinner party. Young children will love playing chef and waitress for mum and dad. A lovely idea for a special occasion during lockdown. If you're not quite feeling the table service, you could always throw a carpet picnic instead.

6) Do a puzzle. Everyone's got one or two lying around untouched since Christmas. Break out a jigsaw and get the whole family involved in solving the puzzle.

7) Read a book. Discover a new author, revisit a favourite book or get stuck into that list of books you've been meaning to read. It's often something that goes to the bottom of the to do list during our usual busy lives, but it's relaxing, entertaining and can be a voyage of discovery.

8) Enjoy a movie night. We all want to limit screen time, but needs must. When you need a lift, curl up on the sofa under a blanket, grab a bowl of popcorn and watch a family favourite film.

9) Stage a show. Bring out the performer in your youngster. Dress up in fancy dress, turn a hairbrush into a microphone and let it all out, sing and dance to your heart's content.

10) Set a scavenger hunt. Youngsters love nothing more than a challenge. Make a tick sheet of household or garden items and give a prize. Think a twig, something circular, a book, something red, a pen or something beginning with b.

11) Enjoy water play. Either spend an hour in the bath or grab your washing up bowl and a bunch of toys and have fun. Blow bubbles, play boats, spot the fishes or hook a duck.

12) Do a Science experiment. Keep it simple but fun for this educational time. My personal favourite is pouring hot water over a packet of strategically placed Skittles and watching them make the colours of the rainbow.

13) Make a cardboard box creation. Those Amazon boxes piling up in your hallway can be put to good use. Make a robot, a den or a puppet theatre. Colour, cut and create all you want!

14) Host a pamper party. The washing up bowl comes in handy again here. Fill with bubbles to make a foot spa and paint finger and toe nails. Massages or hairdressing could even be included in your spa day.

15) Dig out the board games. Never has a game of Monopoly sounded so enticing. Everyone has an old copy of Trivial Pursuit hanging around somewhere and now's your time to shine in the family board game Olympics!

16) Take on an obstacle course. Grab any household items - brooms, cushions, toys, teddies - and make them part of the contest.

17) Have a front room disco. Pop on some tunes, add disco lights and bop away with the best of them.

18) Meet your friends for a virtual party. The people behind conference calling apps are doing a roaring trade during the coronavirus crisis. I can't work out why my best pals and I have never had a glass of wine and a giggle while all in the comfort of our own homes before. We can't wait to meet up in person, but for now this is the next best thing.

19) Work out. Whether it's Joe Wicks on You Tube, your old Davina DVD or your own fitness plan, there's never been a more important time to keep fit. Grab the rest of your family and get your hearts pumping.

20) Build a tower. You've finally got time for that complicated Lego creation you've always dreamed of putting together. Building allows youngsters to practice dexterity and encourages problem solving. Plus it's great fun.