SEVERAL suspicious bright lights moving at fast speeds have been spotted across Hampshire.

Twenty lights were seen moving at speeds considered “too fast” to be commercial or military planes on Sunday night, according to aircraft manufacturer Matthew Taylor.

A spokesperson at National Air Traffic Services (NATS), which provides Air Traffic Control at Southampton Airport, said: "We have had several calls about UFO sightings but we cannot confirm or deny them as they wouldn't appear on our radar.

"The skies are definitely emptier than normal."

Residents reported seeing "a stationary large white triangular craft" in New Forest, which allegedly moved backwards quickly and then returned to its original position.

The object then quickly disappeared, according to witnesses, and days after, 46-year-old Matthew from Calmore said he saw lights moving above his home.

He said: “My mother and I saw up to 20 odd lights moving across the sky too fast and too high for commercial or even military aircraft. The distance travelled in the time took just isn’t possible.

“It caught me off-guard and was something that I couldn’t ignore. It was a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

Daily Echo: Bright light spotted in New Forest. Picture: Wayne CarneBright light spotted in New Forest. Picture: Wayne Carne

Wayne Carne, 51, also said he spotted the light while out on a walk in the New Forest.

He said: "This thing flew over and hovered for 45 minutes, then shot straight up out of sight."

 Several UFO experts from UK UFO Sightings group said the lights could be Starlink satellites released by SpaceX to provide a global broadband service.