JOIN the Daily Echo on another trip back through time - this week to March 2000.

Samm Saint dropped by Rapid Travel on Shirley High Street to get his picture taken with staff as part of No Smoking Day.

Actor and presenter Tim Vincent dropped in to Marks and Spencer for their fashion show - he was presenting The Clothes Show at the time.

While these events transpired locally - here's what was taking place nationally:

March 2

The UK deported Augusto Pinochet to his native country of Chile where he faced a trial for human rights violations.

March 14

A £31million failure led to the closure of all World Of Leather stores and its parent company Uno Plc.

March 31

After serving 34 years in prison for her role in the Moors murders, Myra Hindley lost a third High Court appeal against a Home Office ruling that her lie sentence should mean life.