FOLLOWING the call to arms from Boris Johnson, asking for 250,000 volunteers to help the stretched National Health Service, over half a million people have put themselves forward to help in its fight against coronavirus.

There has now been 750,000 volunteers and speaking at a daily news conference last week, PM Boris Johnson said all volunteers now play an "absolutely crucial" role in helping the NHS.

Here are some of the volunteers who have signed up from the Southampton, Eastleigh and Romsey areas.

Ex-firefighter and ambulance co-responder Luke Rowland from Romsey has signed up to help residents during covid-19 outbreak.

Daily Echo:

The 28-year-old said: "As of today we have been on furlough and I knew that was coming so when they announced they needed volunteers I straight away decided to apply to move equipment between hospitals or help people with their shopping.

"I really miss the helping people side of thing that I got from my previous employment so see this as a chance to benefit my community and help as many affected people as possible whilst I am unable to work."

Luke now works as a boat builder.

Parish councillor Christopher Craig, 39, has also signed up with the NHS volunteer scheme.

Daily Echo:

Christopher, from West Wellow, said: "I am currently volunteering with the Test Valley Covid-19 support group running errands and collecting prescriptions so I thought I would join the national effort.

"The NHS is one of our greatest achievements and the work they do on a daily basis not just during this crisis is phenomenal.

"As my work has been closed during this outbreak, I would like to give something back to show my appreciation."

Braishfield resident, Nikki Parton has also signed up to help people battling covid-19.

Daily Echo:

She said: "I just wanted to do something to make a difference.

"I am still working and have a young family but I am lucky, not everyone has what I have.

"So if I can make someone’s day by giving them a quick call and just saying hi then I’d like to be able to do that."

Volunteer Matt Davis from Romsey is helping those in need.

Daily Echo:

The 36-year-old said: "I have been furloughed at work and so have some time on my hands to help those in need.

"These times are scary, especially for older people, so I want to try and make things easier and try to keep day to day life as normal as possible for those that are most affected."

Max King, 21, wants to make a difference and signed up to the NHS volunteer scheme.

Daily Echo:

The Romsey resident said: "I signed up to help the NHS so I could help make a difference and fight the Corona virus, I want to support and help NHS workers in anyway I can to make their lives easier."