A FURTHER 27 coronavirus patients have died in Hampshire within the last day.

The NHS has revealed that a further 13 people have died at the University Hospital Southampton, just days after it was announced that 11 patients with the virus had passed away taking the Southampton death toll up to 24.

A further five died in Portsmouth and nine in Winchester.

As of 5pm yesterday, there were a total of 33,718 cases of coronavirus across the UK, rising by 4,255 cases in just 24 hours.

A further 569 people cross the UK died taking the national death toll to 2,921.

All of the patients were aged between 22 and 100-years-old and 44 of them had no underlying health conditions.

In Hampshire, the total number of cases was at 699 and there were a reported 105 confirmed cases of the virus in Southampton.

To tackle the outbreak University Hospital Southampton has increased its ventilated intensive care unit capacity from 50 to 150 and there are plans to increase this number to 200.

A hospital spokesman said: "Our planning at University Hospital Southampton is advanced.

"We have done everything possible to be ready and have a clear plan for the weeks ahead.

"We would like to thank our teams for their outstanding professionalism and commitment to delivering the best possible care under these difficult circumstances.

"We are doing everything we can so we would urge everyone to do their bit to support our staff through good hand hygiene and social distancing."

Regarding Boris Johnson's diagnosis the Prime Minister's official spokesman told a Westminster briefing: "The Prime Minister continues to have mild symptoms, but he does still have symptoms."

Asked if he would be leaving self-isolation on Friday, the spokesman said: "We're following the guidelines from Public Health England (PHE) and from the chief medical officer which state that you need to self-isolate for a period of seven days, so no change in that."

Number 10 said work was ongoing with nine potential suppliers on developing an antibody test which would show whether people have had the virus.