STREETS have been left empty across the city while residents stay indoors amid the coronavirus lockdown.

It comes after PM Boris Johnson told people to stay at home unless they need to go out for essential needs, such as food.

People in the UK were told they could only leave for one exercise a day, to buy food or essentials, to care for a vulnerable person or for essential travel to and from work.

But it appears as though the public are listening to the advice - despite fears that residents would ignore the lockdown measures in response to the sunny weather this weekend.

Daily Echo:

However, police officers have been spotted at Southampton Common asking people why they are out.

People across the UK were warned to stay at home on this sunny weekend to prevent spreading the virus.

While people seemed to be keeping two metres apart at the park, it remained fairly busy.

Daily Echo: Daily Echo:

But boats at Ocean Village Marina remain unmoved and the usual bustling rush of the Southampton City Centre is no longer.

Roads are also fairly empty, with just a few vehicles spotted on main road - which would typically be seen filled to the brim with traffic on a Saturday.

Daily Echo:

The only places still open to the public are supermarkets or stores selling "essential goods".

Most shops are only letting so many people in at one time, with others having to queue outside until shoppers leave.

Daily Echo:

After the Coronavirus Act came into force, police were granted powers to enforce rules on staying at home.

This means they can disperse gatherings and fine people if they are outside on a basis not in line with government guidelines.

As of Friday, it was announced that 684 more people with coronavirus have died in the UK, taking the total to 3,605.

Daily Echo:

The Government announced it is ready to take action to clamp down on "unscrupulous" traders seeking to exploit the coronavirus outbreak by charging sky-high prices for essential items.

In a fresh warning, No 10 said officials were in daily contact with retailers about the "minority" of outlets which had ramped up prices of goods in heavy demand.

Daily Echo:

Police have been spotted telling people to go home across Southampton, and plan to continue doing so while lockdown measures are in place.