POLICE were called to action in Eastleigh after receiving reports that two boys were using a slingshot to shoot ducks.

Officers were dispatched to Lakeside Country Park after being told that two boys were targeting ducks with slingshots.

The incident reportedly took place at around 5.30pm on Thursday April 2, but when officers arrived at the scene, the youths weren't located and there were also no injured ducks found at the scene.

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: "We were called just after 5.30pm yesterday (2 April) to reports of two boys using a slingshot to target ducks at Lakeside Country Park. Police attended however the youths were not located.

"Not only is this unacceptable behaviour, but this is also quite clearly non essential travel. We thoroughly searched the country park for these individuals, but unfortunately they were not located at this time.

"Again we are reiterating to all members of the public to follow government guidelines and to only leave the house for essential travel. Parents, please know where you children are and know what they are up to.

"Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any innformation should contact police on 101, quoting the reference number 44200118796."

Eastleigh Borough Council leader, Keith House said: "It’s hard to keep children at home with the weather improving but it is all the more important to do so. The virus spreads by people getting close to each other, then in turn getting close to other people. Staying at home saves lives. It really is that simple.”