A FAMILY in Chandler's Ford have covered their home in "NHS lights" in support of the essential workers helping us fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Gary Woodman and his family, who live on Cambridge Drive in Chandler's Ford erected their Christmas lights this week to spell out the letters of the NHS, in a bid to show a "little bit of respect" to those who are putting their lives on the line to control the outbreak.

After realising that a member of the ambulance service lives opposite him, Gary thought it was "only right" to show a little sign of appreciation.

He said: "My wife and I put up big Christmas lights all around our house for charity every year, but after what is happening at the moment, it was only right to use the lights to try and cheer people up. The neighbour who lives opposite us works for the ambulance service so we decided to put up a big NHS sign to show our respect.

"If everyone did something like this to show a little bit of appreciation, then it would make this horrible situation slightly better. We're all in this situation together so it's good to try and cheer people up."

Gary's wife Sarah and his children, Jack and Emily, are also planning to paint their fence all different colours next week to add some more colour to the neighbourhood, and "make people smile".

Chandler's Ford Councillor, Tim Groves, believes things like this do such an "important job" in keeping us all healthy.

He said: "It’s really great to see the community come together in support of the NHS. The NHS does such an important job keeping us healthy and making us well again. NHS staff do such a fantastic and important job. It’s really great to hear of the tributes being offered from our community.”

Highlighting this act of appreciation forms part of the Daily Echo #ThereWithYou campaign to support residents and commit to shine a light on unsung heroes in our community.

The initiative is aimed at boosting morale and support the mental health and wellbeing of the frontline NHS staff who are caring for Covid-19 patients.

To donate visit www.southamptonhospitalscharity.org/NHSheroes or text NHSHEROES 3 to 70460 to donate £3; NHSHEROES 5 to 70460 to donate £5; NHSHEROES 10 to 70460 to donate £10.