GYMS across the city are closed and residents are on lockdown, however, one Southampton man is giving tips on how to stay healthy at home.

Jack Bell is "Southampton born and raised".

The 30-year-old personal trainer is urging people to stay positive and active despite the coronavirus crisis.

Married, and father to a six-month baby boy, Jack says that exercise is an essential part of life.

Based in Freemantle, he adds exercise is good for muscle and bone health, reduces the risk of chronic disease, and is good for mental wellbeing.

He argues that although gyms are closed there are still ways to stay active at home without equipment.

Jack said: "It's okay to lose motivation whether the gym is open or not. Try something new like using yoga videos.

"There are also many bodyweight workouts you can do from home online.

"There are ways to build up motivation again.

According to Jack, people can stay fit doing push-ups, lunges, bodyweight squats or even pull-ups using a tree branch in their garden.

A personal trainer for four years and specialising in mobility, he adds: "I also advise people to just take a week off if you've been exercising for a long time.

"Your body will thank you for it and you will often come back re-energised and wanting something more or new."

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson previously announced the UK is on lockdown to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents are only allowed to leave their homes under specific circumstances, one being for a single form of exercise a day.

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