PLANS for a Test Valley club to offer overnight boarding for more dogs have come under fire from a parish council who fear residents will be kept up at night by barking.

A planning application was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to allow up to six pooches to stay at the Hampshire Dog Club in Upton Lane, Nursling.

Now Nursling and Rownhams Parish Council has heavily criticised the plans, stressing dogs being driven to the site will increase the number of cars in the area.

However, a spokesperson from the dog club branded the objections as "ridiculous", claiming there is no reason for the dogs to bark unless someone is "trespassing on the land".

A document from the parish council reads: "The applicant is asking for permission to allow overnight boarding for up to six dog - there are only three kennels on site.

"The applicant, in their supporting statement states ‘we also have a number of clients with aggressive dogs who cannot board in other local kennel establishments as they are not able to handle these types of dogs’.

"It is likely that the dogs intended to be boarded overnight will bark, especially if they have to share a kennel with another unknown dog.

"During the day, there is noise from the busy M27 motorway. Overnight there is less noise from the motorway, therefore it is likely that barking from up to six dogs will be heard by residents of neighbouring properties.

"This will impact on living conditions of neighbours and horses stabled nearby."

They added: "The application does not provide a transport statement detailing the traffic impact of the site being occupied overnight.

"There is no information about additional traffic movements resulting from six dogs being boarded overnight."

Simon Tuffin, who also objected to the application, said the site is already a "complete mess of half-finished mis-matched buildings, storage containers and vehicles".

He added the plans would spoil the "character and appearance of the area", impacting views from "Upton Lane" if given the green light by civic chiefs.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Dog Club said: "The objection which states a dog will bark simply because it has a behavioural problem or can be aggressive is ridiculous and shows no understanding of dog behaviour.

"Due to the location and the fact the kennels face the motorway, there is no reason for the dogs to bark unless someone is illegally trespassing on the land in front of the kennels.

"Highways have no objection to the proposal, as it does not increase the volume of traffic in any way on Upton Lane.

"In fact, were the authorities to stop all the vehicles travelling over the three tonne limit bridge adjacent to the site which were over three ton, it would reduce the traffic on Upton Lane by 50 percent."

They added: "Nothing in the proposal affects the landscape or character of the existing development.

"The kennels and day boarding activities already exist and the overnight boarding license has already been issued to a five star standard."

As previously reported in the Romsey Advertiser, a number of dog owners threw their support behind the plans.

One customer, Suzette Pearce, said the services at the "facility are excellent" for her three dogs, adding overnight boarding is a "much-needed requirement for dog owners".

Another customer, Anthony Carozzi, added "all their services have been invaluable" for his rescue dog, Megan.

TVBC has not yet made a decision on the application, which was due on Friday, March 27.