CONTROVERSIAL plans for a landmark waterfront building in Southampton have been scaled down.

Proposals for a 25-storey tower block with 223 flats in Ocean Way, Ocean Village were unveiled last year sparking more than 180 objections.

The plans put forward by MDL Developments Ltd were for a  25-storey core building and two lower levels either side, one 17-storeys and one 11-storeys as well as 14 parking spaces. 

As previously reported, at the time residents raised concerns over the impact the new building would have on  traffic, parking, green spaces and the character of the area.

Now, MDL Developments Ltd  has confirmed that following residents’ feedback the proposals have been revised. 

The company said the new plans are for 199 apartments and 10 parking spaces. The new main building is now expected to be 23-storeys with two lower levels either side, one 13-storeys and one seven-storeys. 

Kristi Roger, development director at MDL Developments Ltd, said the company is awaiting feedback from local bus providers on whether or not they would be willing to route a local bus through Ocean Village to improve connections.

Ms Roger also said the development would result in “a significant number of construction jobs and employment” and added: “While it is normal that all planning applications receive objections, these need to be considered in terms of their legitimacy under planning law. 

“The reality is, the UK (and Southampton) is still in the midst of a housing crisis, central government is still encouraging construction work, and our economy still needs housing, jobs and employment in order to return to good health, in due course.”

She also said: “In addition to reducing the scale of the building, MDL has been working with Southampton City Council and all interested long leasehold tenants on a ‘development brief’ (masterplan) for the core commercial estate. 

“This is work in progress which will continue to be developed in parallel with Southampton City Council’s emerging Local Plan.”

As reported, the original application sparked 187 objections with Ocean Village residents calling on the council to reject the scheme.Sarah Bogle, councillor for Bargate ward, said a master plan for future developments in Ocean Village should be done before further planning applications are considered.

“We are now consulting on the local plan and we need a longer term view on the city’s development including Ocean Village,”she said.

It is not yet know when a decision is expected to be made.