SCALED down plans for a “monstrous” tower block in Southampton have sparked objections.

Residents have voiced their concerns over revised plans for a 23-storey building with 199 flats  in Ocean Way, Ocean Village.

As previously reported, the original plans were for a 25-storey building.

It would have been flanked by a 17-storey and 11-storey building either side and would have had 14 parking spaces.

However, the proposals for the 223 flats attracted more than 180 objections.

Last week MDL Developments – which tabled the plans – said that following feedback from residents the scheme had been scaled down.

The applicant is now proposing a 23-storey building with two lower levels either side, one 13-storey and one seven-storey. A total of 199 flats and 10 parking spaces would be created.

Kristi Roger, development director at MDL Developments, stressed the need for more housing and said MDL is in talks with building firms.

But despite amendments to the original plans, the new proposals have sparked criticism.

More than 20 letters of objections have been sent to Southampton City Council in the last week.

Residents have again raised concerns over the impact the scheme would have on traffic, parking and over-development.   In a letter resident Brian Davies said: “I have studied the revised plans in some detail and am totally shocked at the modest adjustment. I am also aghast at how MDL think that reduction from 223 apartments down to 199 is going to make any significant change to the impact that the monstrous development will have. These new plans are a total insult to existing residents.Whilst I might be viewed as somewhat cynical, I am extremely concerned that the revised application was submitted during the lockdown period meaning that there can be no gatherings of interested parties to formally object.”

Resident Liam Enticknap added: “I find that further development should be given extreme scrutiny. There is a risk of over population of a small area compared to other parts of Southampton.”

Ms Roger said the company prefers to reserve comment on the application until the consultation ends at the end of April.

On why the plans were submitted during the lockdown she said: “The council’s website makes clear that Southampton’s planning department remains open for business.  The advice of the UK Chief Planner’s newsletter also states “It is important that authorities continue to provide the best possible [planning] service in these stretching times and prioritise decision-making to ensure the planning system continues to function, especially where this will support the local economy’. “ She also said that residents of the new building could apply for one of the 932 spaces at the Ocean Car Park.

“MDL are working with Southampton Council on the emerging Local Plan, and it is this which will form the basis of our wider plan for the area,” she said.