A DOG had an ear torn off and its owner was left with gashes and cuts following an attack by two other dogs.

Layla the springer spaniel has spent the weekend in intensive care following a brutal attack by two dogs thought to be Staffordshire bull terriers.

The beloved 12-year-old pet had her head ripped open and has been left with one ear following the savage incident in Bishopstoke.

Julie Hayward had been walking Layla behind Edward Avenue at around 5pm as she does most evenings.

The health care assistant saw a girl of around 14-year-old coming towards her with two grey-coloured dogs, which she said were both “off the lead”.

As they passed one of them grabbed Layla by the neck.

Julie, 44, was “horrified” and tried in to save her “baby” but by then the other dog latched on to Layla’s rear.

While trying to protect her, Julie was left was gashes and cuts to her hands and wrists.

She screamed and shouted for help with neighbours eventually getting Layla safely and away from her two attackers.

Julie and Layla were taken to a nearby home before Julie’s partner of seven years, Gary, rushed Layla to a vet and then took Julie to hospital.

Layla is expected to stay at the vet’s for the next week with the couple devastated they can’t visit her due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Julie said: “I was hysterical. I was being bitten and the dogs would not let go.

“I started screaming for help and people came out from nearby houses. I don’t know how they got the dogs off.

“Someone carried Layla to safety. I didn’t think she would make it. They wrapped a towel across her body. It was horrific.

“If it was a smaller dog it would have died. Layla is everything to me. She is my baby.”

Gary, 43, added: “Layla was lifeless and covered in blood. It’s been so emotional. I am absolutely broken. Words can’t describe how I feel.”

A police spokesperson said: “We are currently investigating an incident that occurred in the ‘Plantation’ off Edward Avenue, Bishopstoke at approximately 5pm on Friday, May 1 involving three dogs.

“We are asking anyone who witnessed this incident or has any information to please ring 101 quoting reference 44200153831.”