ONLY a delusional Lib Dem like Martin Kyrle could come up with an excuse like this about his beloved party doing well in the last election when in fact they lost over half their seats, then blaming it on our undemocratic electoral system, it’s the system we have, and our MP’s are elected on that system.

Could it possibly be because they had an arrogant leader with wafer thin policies that very few believed in and certainly did not think she could deliver.

I have on numerous occasions put facts and figures on this letters page about our trade with the EU, and about the costs of running that organisation, and my many reasons for wanting to leave. I don’t recall a single occasion where either Richard Grant or Martin Kyrle have wanted to debate those facts.

They just brush them off as if they don’t exist.

All we ever get from them is an emotional plea to join the busted flush Liberal Democrat’s as if by magic all our problems will suddenly disappear.

The country gave its opinion in the last election, we all had a choice of MP’s.

As for his last comment about Germany helping France and Italy with air lifts, this hardy constitutes harmony between those three countries.

Let’s sit back and see how the EU perform over the next few years, we obviously have totally different views on the future.

It is quite clear these two people have not, and will not accept the Referendum result or the latest General Election result and any views that are contrary to the Lib Dem views are dismissed out of hand.

John Robertson

West Wellow