THE ARMED forces, fire and rescue and police services all have in-house medals specifically for their members.

Could we petition the Queen to institute a similar medal for health and ancillary workers?

There should also be a special award to be given posthumously.

If a soldier dies in battle they are regarded as having died for their country and honoured as such.

A doctor or nurse who treats coronavirus patients and then contracts the disease themselves and dies has surely also died in the service of their country?

Or a paramedic killed in a road crash while ferrying patients to hospital?

I have started a campaign on Facebook to petition the Queen to establish a new order of chivalry alongside the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, namely the Most Excellent Order of the Health Service.

This would enable us to recognise distinguished service by a doctor, nurse or ancillary worker.

In the same way that my late wife was able to style herself OBE, recipients of the Health Service Order would style themselves OHS or CHS,

I appeal to Echo readers to sign the petition on my Facebook page.

Martin Kyrle

Chandler's Ford.