AS WE allegedly come out of the first phase of lockdown, I wonder how other Echo readers would rate the cabinet ministers who have been hauled out to front the daily Downing Street press conferences and to face the media in other forums.

I give the following marks:

Government as a whole 4/10.

Totally unprepared tactically and logistically. Much of this attributable to its own years of austerity and not properly funding most essential services. Also, no recognition made of the conclusions from the 2016 Cygnus pandemic simulation exercise, carried out by NHS England and therefore funded by the government itself.

Boris Johnson 5/10.

This reflects his being forced to abandon his and his mate, Dominic Cummings’, initial herd immunity strategy, because of the alarming number of deaths, having to perform totally out of character, but tinged with a bit of sympathy for his own misfortune in contracting the virus.

Matt Hancock 7/10.

Way out of his depth at the outset but recovered well quickly. Sadly, has completely neglected care home residents and carers, possibly because of being completely overwhelmed by an incredible workload.

Robert Jenrick 2/10.

Posh boy with all the credentials for being a leading light tory but so neglectful in keeping himself informed of vital background information and statistics, in advance of preparing himself for being confronted by obvious and key questions by journalists.

Dominic Raab 0/10.

Completely inept. Awarded the job of First Minister of State only because he was instrumental in helping Boris becoming Tory leader and not because of any ability. Interesting that, even when Boris was close to death, he was not trusted with taking full control.

Rishi Sunak 9/10.

His carefully measured first budget just after Christmas was almost universally hailed.

Then, in order to keep the country afloat, he was forced to open the treasure chest so wide that nobody, certainly not a Conservative chancellor, has ever even considered before.

He did this with some style with poor old Jacob Rees Mogg crying in his altar wine.

Bob Davies