Regarding Alan Blandford and his reaction to the bulldog breed and that they are dangerous and illegal.

I’m sure I read the description of the dogs were grey Staffordshire Bull Terriers a dog only deemed dangerous when maltreated and untrained and certainly not illegal !

Unless the owners learns to control the bull terriers into trusting other dogs and humans this sort of behaviour is going to happen again and again.

As shown in this case the owners were obviously not capable of handling these loyal, soft and loving animals and that is why they get a bad name.

More so from Mr Blanford's comments which were in my view biased to the breed.

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Yes this was an attack by bull terriers on both a poor defenceless springer spaniel and her owner.

But I must stress we took on a bull terrier called Wilf ,who we adopted from the Blue Cross, in 2010.

He was treated pretty poorly by his previous owners probably like the owners of the above mentioned bull terriers.

Wilf spent 10 wonderful years with us and was loved by everyone.

It took us a few years for us to gain his trust again and until that time he was kept on a lead until he showed no aggression due to being timid

He sadly passed away aged 14 last September and on news of his passing he got more likes and hearts on Facebook that I had never achieved myself.

This was because he was one of the best breed of dog I would recommend to all people who want to adopt.

Many times these dogs have got bad press because of the minority of idiots that have no idea how to train a dog into being able to trust other dogs and humans.

Remember dogs are animals that act on instinct and unless you are 100% sure they can be trusted they should always be on a lead and muzzled if necessary.

I truly hope they catch the idiot owners of these dogs as the blame lies with them and not the dogs who always take the blame.

Wayne Chester