PLEASE don’t forget us.

Amongst the news and the crisis of Covid-19, home care workers (domiciliary care) are not being mentioned as a very valuable band of workers also caring for the vulnerable in our communities.

Home care workers have an isolated role going from one person’s home to another to deliver the care that is required.

We as home care workers have had to make sacrifices in our personal life such as not seeing our own elderly relatives, in order that we can continue to care and protect our clients.

We also face the same challenges as other health care sector workers, difficulties in obtaining PPE, mixed messages and guidelines from the government, social distances, and the worry of catching Covid-19.

One challenge that the other health sector workers do not face is shopping for the vulnerable.

Most of the supermarkets allow us to shop at 7.30am, but this is the most crucial time for us to assist people with personal care.

Sainsbury’s or Marks and Spencer won’t allow carers to queue jump during the day, stating that we have our specific time.

This has a social as well as financial impact on clients.

Please supermarkets be a little more flexible, and remember we are not doing this for ourselves.

On a Thursday when you clap, remember us. We also need a moral boost and need to feel appreciated in the work we do.

We are passionate in what we do and care greatly.