I wrote to my MP, Caroline Nokes, criticising the continued lockdown of the healthy because it will cause


1. Job losses.

My sister and my landlords' businesses have been wrecked.

How many more jobs must be lost before the government sees sense?

2. Mental health problems.

The Cinderella part of Matt Hancock's department will have far more work to do as the mental and psychological damage this lockdown has caused is extended.

3. Relationship breakdown and abuse.

Victims have no escape whilst draconian measures imprison them with their abusers.

4. Educational damage.

Re-opening schools is a Must if our economy is Ever going to get going again. That's assuming there will be Any jobs left for parents to go back to.

5. Avoidable non-covid deaths.

Keeping the sick away from empty hospitals will cause more of them to die prematurely. Another sister of mine has had to wait five weeks for a major operation.

I fully support the justifiable criticism of the police for their abuse of power, their over-zealous bullying and undue harassment of law-abiding citizens.

Ms Nokes’ response, thus far, has been vague, inconsiderate and unhelpful.

How much more damage is our government going to do before they finally see sense?

This unnecessary, counter-productive lockdown of the healthy is causing far more trouble than it’s solving.

The government’s unjustifiable punishment of the healthy majority of its citizens must end.

Andrew Peterson