We would like to express our views with regard to the recent article about felling of trees at Marlhill Copse.

Whilst we appreciate the application for this work was not decided in a public meeting the work is necessary as the trees have now been assessed twice and been deemed unsafe.

This surely no longer becomes a matter for public comment as it must be the safety of residents and the public which must override public feeling and needs to be carried out with some urgency.

We are residents who live directly beneath one of the huge pines and are concerned on a daily basis for our safety and well-being due the debris that regularly falls onto our property.

Every time the airport have been close to being able to make our home and the copse a safe place to be, something/someone has halted their plans and left us feeling that we are insignificant and our safety and views do not matter.

We wholeheartedly support SIAL and their plans to maintain what is a very overgrown copse and look forward to it being managed to benefit the whole community .

It is a shame that you choose to print only what appears be a very biased account of the situation and do not ever acknowledge that for some people this work is very welcomed as in the future it will enable us to use our beautiful garden and enjoy the surroundings without fear for our safety.

I hope you can appreciate our viewpoint and would be pleased to see this shared with readers of your newspaper.

Mike and Marie Moody