THE family of a woman who died after making it to 104 years of age have paid tribute to her.

Long-standing resident of Woolston Mary Hewlett lived on Hazeleigh Avenue from 1939 until her 100th year, and spent her final years in residential care, where she died of old age.

Now, her family have paid tribute to Mary, who died at Ferndale Care Home in Southbourne, West Sussex.

They wrote: “Our mother Mary Hewlett departed this life on March 26 at age 104. Her passing was a peaceful end to a life devoted to pacifism.

“She had a deep concern for others, both for those she knew and those beyond her immediate circle.

“Mum approached life’s challenges with forbearance and patience. She was a serious individual who, whilst a lifelong member of the Church of England, was blessed with an enquiring mind which led her along many paths, including theosophy.

Daily Echo:

“She valued the friendships and insights gained by attending St Mark’s Church, Woolston. A vegetarian since her early years, our mother discovered Mazdaznan cookery, this and a firm belief in the ability of the body to heal itself influenced her attitude to maintaining her health.

“Crossword puzzles and a refusal to be beaten were passions she doggedly pursued.

“Being of quiet and thoughtful nature, our mother was often found reading – she loved classical literature - or writing beautifully-constructed letters to her family and many friends. To receive a letter was one of mum’s pleasures – she kept every one for enjoyment.

“Our mother’s burial took place on April 21 after many in Hazeleigh Avenue came out to pay respect as she passed to her final resting place.”

Daily Echo:

Granddaughter Margot Greenall, 50, said: “Mary Hewlett is remembered by her granddaughter.

“The death of my grandmother is keenly felt. My grandmother was mother to three daughters, one of whom predeceased her. She always made sure she knew how everyone was doing, never forgetting a birthday or event.

“She received attentive care by the care home, I know she will have appreciated the kindness shown just as the kindness she showed those in her life will always be. She will be greatly missed, leaving behind special memories.”