AT THIS time, irrespective of political persuasions, most of us are pulling together.

Now is not the time to try and score political points.

However the negativity and lack of fair reporting from our nationalised television provider, the BBC, knows no bounds.

For example many of us have noticed on the Andrew Marr Show, the incisive questions asked of the ministers and the weak questions put to the opposition.

Additionally the unpatriotic stances of the BBC questioners at the ministerial daily briefing.

I can only think that if the current batch of BBC journalists were to question Churchill during the war years, the questions would go something like this: " Prime Minister we've just evacuated, defeated troops at Dunkirk and due to lack of ships the MOD had to get civilians to ferry most back.

"Also, the Blitz continues to kill more people than anywhere else in Europe. Isn't it time you now surrender to Mr Hilter and resign?"

Let us all pull together, be patriotic but above all be optimistic.

When we have beaten Covid19, then is the time for analysis and a proper in depth scrutiny, when we have the facts.

Tony Loizou

Lower Swanwick