A TEENAGE driver was bundled into the back of a police car after smashing up at least ten cars including her own.

Arnold Road in Eastleigh has been described as "carnage".

Residents reported hearing alarms blaring and an almighty bang at around 3pm yesterday.

One witness has said how a teenage girl of "no more than 18-years-old" swerved into Arnold Road chased by two police cars.

She then smashed her red Ford Fiesta into parked cars either side of the road writing-off multiple vehicles.

When a 4x4 pulled over to let her pass it is alleged she drove head-on into it while trying to ram it out the way.

One resident reportedly ran out of his house and lunged through the girl's window.

He snatched her keys from the ignition to stop her trail of destruction.

According to resident Julie Dolton, three police officers then came running down the road and pulled the girl from her car.

The 54-year-old office manager said: "I was in the garden when I heard an almighty bang and alarms going off.

"I went outside to see what was going on and it was carnage.

"She must have hit nine cars. She was not in control.

"The police cars were chasing her.

"When a car came towards her the driver stopped to let her through and she drove straight into him.

"A man then came running out of his house. He leapt over and pulled out the girl's keys.

"The police then came running down the road.

"Three officers got her out of the car and held her on the floor.

"She was shouting and swearing. They pulled her up the road and put her in a [car].

"You could hear her pounding the sides of the van."

The Daily Echo is awaiting comment from Hampshire Police.