MORE than 140 houses dug out their best animals to contribute to a village zoo during lockdown.

A total of 148 households across 36 streets, 11 businesses, Hamble Fire Station and Hamble Primary School created life-size drawings of animals and set up realistic animal habitats to turn Hamble Village into pretend enclosures.

Over 200 cuddly toys were placed on driveways across the village, with one family creating a giant hungry caterpillar made out of beach balls and another driveway taking part with big cat rescue with toy kittens.

In a bid to create a "fab community game" for children and families last Saturday, it was organised by mum and local primary school teacher Lindsey Boorer after she saw the idea take place in Warsash.

Lindsey, 35, said: "The response was absolutely fantastic and it has been a fab community game.

"Displays were all so different - some people have really gone to town. There were no real animals and everyone could be as creative as they like, with a drawing, painting, model or cuddly toy."

Those taking part were encouraged to include facts about animals to make the zoo educational.

She added: "I love anything that’s fun and educational at same time – people were encouraged to put facts about animals and learned loads of really cool facts.

"It helped parents with children during lockdown, Hamble was literally buzzing and people were keeping up social distancing.

"My thanks to the village of Hamble for making the event so successful. Every street had families searching for animals."