EMERGENCY services were called to a Southampton park following an incident where a 13-year-old fell 30ft from a tree.

Hampshire police said the incident happened at Riverside Park in Southampton earlier today.

A statement said: "Please can we advise young people not to jump into the water from bridges and trees.

"A young person has fallen 30ft today after a branch has broken into the water and has received injuries today at Riverside Park.

"Please be mindful in this hot weather."

In a later statement police said: "Just after 3pm today officers on patrol in Southampton were alerted to the presence of an ambulance in Riverside Park.

"They have assisted the paramedics in helping a 13-year-old boy who had fallen 30ft from a free after a branch had broken.

"The child received injuries to his side and was taken to hospital for further treatment."

South Central Ambulance Service have also been contacted for comment.